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Meraki RCM Solutions, LLC is one of California's leading revenue cycle management companies. We focus on providing cost-effective process improvement solutions to medical providers, healthcare facilities, hospitals or Medical Billing companies who want to save on extra expenses. Our infrastructure is integrated with technology and operational excellence allows us to provide uninterrupted service delivery globally.

We understand the business of medicine and know how to help you increase your bottom line and efficiency. Our teams are wired tightly and carefully so that they can analyze your requirements and provide customized, tailor-made solutions that allow you to focus more on your core business of patient care. We understand and are sensitive to many variables and challenges which roll in as part of ever-changing rules and regulations. In short, we know how to give you smooth cash flow!.

We approach every project as a partnership and are here to help you improve the efficiency of your office operations. We share the same goal, maximizing profits while minimizing losses, as these are preventable problems often associated with a lack of experience, improper medical billing processing, medical coding, or non-existent infrastructure. We are focused on every detail and committed to the success of our partner practices. We will be there for your staff every step of the way producing optimal results.

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Our Services

We offer a full stack of medical billing services. We specialize in California State Workers Compensation medical billing and recovery, but we're also experienced in PI and Private/Medicare insurance billing and collection. Our services are reliable and efficient, and we always put our clients first. If you're looking for a reliable medical billing service, then look no further than us!.

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Key Differentiators

There are many billing companies out there who offer the same or similar services, but what sets us apart is what you get with us! Take a look at some of the benefits you can expect when working with us:


In case you have established systems in place, we won't push for unnecessary changes. Our approach involves seamlessly integrating with your existing system and collaborating with your current team. Our goal is to work closely with you to achieve the desired results.


Not all Medical Billing companies offer this service, but it's something you likely want. You want to be informed if any of your payers are reimbursing at 75% when your contract specifies 120%. We will keep you informed about specific payer trends and actively work to recover every cent owed to you..


While some experts emphasize certification, others prioritize experience. At our firm, we combine both. With over 20 years of collective business experience, we exclusively hire coders and billers who possess both certification and practical experience. This ensures that your billing processes remain error-free.

Cross Trained Teams:

Consistency is vital in our service delivery. Even if your primary account contacts are unavailable, our cross-trained staff guarantees you'll receive the same level of service. Your account will never suffer from fluctuations in service quality.


We actively engage in monthly and weekly training sessions, including occasional emergency meetings, to address ongoing industry changes. Our affiliations with AAPC, AHIMA, and other organizations ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. Furthermore, we keep our clients well-informed about industry changes.

HIPAA Compliant:

Our commitment to HIPAA compliance is unwavering. We have a dedicated compliance officer who regularly assesses employee behavior and their handling of Protected Healthcare Information (PHI). We conduct periodic compliance assessments and take immediate action when necessary.


Our commitment to transparency is evident in our reporting. We provide clear and comprehensive reports on your billing and collection activities. Reports can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly, as per your requirements. You also have the option to log into our system and generate reports at your convenience.

Extra Savings :

We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of our services. While we may charge less than most other medical billing companies, our commitment to delivering superior results remains unchanged. We guarantee better outcomes than your previous billing company or in-house billing setup. If we fail to surpass your prior arrangement's performance, you won't be billed for that month's services.

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How It Works

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* Collect information
* Acknowledge requirement
* Sign Terms and scope of work

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* Benchmark set up
* Define scope of work
* Test work starts

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* Test batch complete, ready to go live
* Identify areas of improvement
* Live weekly and monthly reporting

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Discover how, together, we can expand the possibilities that your organization is able to achieve better financial goals and healthcare success. Reach out today to learn how our partnership can benefit mutually. We offer a wide range of services and solutions that can help you reach your targets quickly and efficiently.

Practice Management Applications

With Meraki RCM Solutions as your Medical Billing partner, you can be assured of error-free services. We use the best medical billing software available in the market, and our partnership with leading technology and practice management companies ensures that you get the most accurate and up-to-date data. If you don't find the software you use listed here, we're certain that we should be able to work with your existing software. You don't have to change if you don't want to.