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General Questions

We are experts in our field and have a proven track record of increasing physician’s reimbursements. We do it by ensuring the ICD–10 and CPT codes are up to date, assisting in the capture of proper patient demographics for accurate data entry. We are detail oriented, which is essential for proper billing practices. We Follow–up. We call insurance companies on a continual basis to see where your money is! We constantly strive to meet the high performance goals we have set for ourselves. Plus, we have certified professional coders on staff.

Our phone number is listed on all patient statements for patients to call with any questions or concerns regarding their bill. They will call us, not your office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 PST. We can even provide your patients with a toll free number if needed. Meraki RCM has no voicemail or automated attendant. A real person answers your call – When a patient calls, we handle the call immediately!

We will have your patient statements printed and mailed out for you. We process patient statements weekly and automatically resend unpaid statements after 30 days with a reminder for payment. Upon receipt of the EOB, we will follow–up on any denied or rejected claims. We work on each claim until it has been paid or a valid response for non–payment has been given. This is where Meraki RCM excels, by continuously following up to ensure you receive the revenue due to you!

By taking on the burden of your billing and giving you more time to run your practice! Not only do our medical billing experts take the heavy burden of insurance claim submission, coding and patient billing and replace it with improved cash flow and more time for patient care; but you will no longer have to worry and watch over your in-house billing staff. We are responsible for hiring, training and supervision. You don’t have to provide office space for a medical billing department. We even help your front desk staff “capture” the demographic information properly to assist in the billing process!

We want you to continue using our service because you want to – because you have found that it is in your best interest to continue working with us. Therefore, we do not bind you to a long–term commitment. Our initial contract is for 6 months, then you are free to cancel at the beginning of any month with a minimum of 60 days notice. Fees vary according to the practice, the size, specialty and volume of claims. But we do not get paid unless you get paid first! We are paid once a month on a percentage basis. We only bill you once a month for the EOB’s and superbills we have processed. It may be two months before you get your first invoice. Depending on the size of the practice a start up fee may apply.

We can start immediately after we receive information from your staff. The data set up will only take a few days and we can process your superbills right away. Processing your claims electronically, however, may take up to six weeks. You will have to complete registration forms and receive your electronic provider numbers, but while we wait for the insurance companies, we will process your claims by paper. To get started, you will receive a welcome packet containing forms for your completion and detailed instructions regarding all paperwork. We need information about you and all the insurance companies you participate with.

Our managers are always available to discuss progress towards our mutual goal of increased revenue. We provide our physicians a monthly report package, which provides an excellent picture of the practice’s billings and collections. The most important report in the package will be the aging of accounts receivable report or A/R Report; which will show exactly how we are doing. This will be our report card! We will even include the 120–day A/R benchmarks so that you can compare us with the national average of your specialty. Other reports include practice analysis, and patient and insurance outstanding detail. We can provide reports for your specific needs and custom reports are available to practices that require them.

Industry experts agree it’s not only smart, it’s good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care – and outsource other functions, like medical billing. It’s even smarter to outsource with Meraki RCM because other medical billing companies may say they can get you more money faster with less hassle, but we does!

We will send out three statements with dunning notices, a collection letter and make phone calls. If a patient still has not paid after all these efforts, we recommend that the account be turned over to an outside collection agency or an attorney. We will assist in the transfer and track the results

Have no fear! You will always have control over your own billing and your own money! Your checks and EOB’s will continue to be sent to your office. All we need is the EOB or copy of the patients check for posting payments to the patients account. As a matter of fact, you will have more control because you will have a better handle on your billing via qualified medical billing personnel, who are friendly, caring people dedicated to help you when you need it. If you need to know anything about your practice’s billing, just pick up the phone and speak to one of our eager and hardworking team members. You won’t have to speak to voice mail or play telephone tag trying to get an answer.

To properly process claims, we must have all information requested by the insurance companies as required by HIPAA. If necessary, we will update your patient registration forms, financial agreements, superbills and daily balance sheets. Your front desk staff is a vital link in the capture of proper information; therefore, we will help train and work very closely with them to capture current and correct patient and insurance information. We will have your superbills and demographic information picked up or transferred via secure ftp on a regular basis.