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Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Hiring the best talent has always been challenging for an organization, but don't you worry, we are here to simplify this process as we have designed this service based on our client's needs, adding benefits to our revenue cycle management clients.

We understand that the medical and healthcare industry requires highly skilled and niche-specific talents. Our professional staff will make operations smoother and enhance the capacity of physicians, dentists, and primary clinical professionals.

The medical field is constantly changing, from an aging workforce to a shortage of specialized professionals in certain areas, and we are ready to face these changes by recruiting subject matter experts who understand the industry, its challenges, and the unique opportunities. We are here to help our clients substantially and address their staff's needs so they can focus on the healthcare business.

Meraki RCM Solutions extends complete support to the healthcare industry by providing end-to-end staffing solutions, enabling our clients to focus entirely on their practices, and that is why we have designed our services to meet your talent needs.

Nursing Staff

Our registry includes members who are tested, trusted, and specialized in competency testing and drug testing. We also check for criminal records.The profiles we provide include only professionals having a license, certified further adding their educational background, work experience, skill set, and due dates. Our dedicated team educates each candidate regarding specific policies, protocols, and other facilities.

Whether you need nurses for patient care or specialists in managed care services, we can help you in every situation.

Managed Services

Say no to the problem of outsourcing your uncertain workforce and talent-generating function, as we are here with a complete procurement solution that works for your benefit.

In this rapidly changing market, this managed service model is gaining popularity among healthcare organizations as it offers many advantages, such as cost savings, improved efficiency, increased productivity, and improved patient care.We fulfill all the demands through our services and gain a competitive advantage.

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

In an era of ever-evolving technology and data protection regulations, healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to managed services providers (MSPs) to assist them in meeting their compliance, security, and operational needs.Our MSP Solution is custom-made for our client's needs, reflects their goals, and provides the best talent pool. Adaptability is our advantage and the key to having long-term value.

We provide MSP solutions that boost your talent pipeline and help streamline the entire workforce planning process, continuous labor usage, and talent recruitment so you can optimize your core.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

VMS is the key to success for healthcare organizations that want to stay competitive in today's market and ensure that their vendor relationships are successful.

Our VMS helps healthcare organizations efficiently manage the procurement process, from sourcing to payment and performance tracking. It provides an end-to-end solution that helps healthcare organizations save time and money. It allows organizations to gain more control over their procurement processes. Our system ensures that healthcare organizations benefit from increased control, visibility, and ROI.

Our VMS (Vendor Management Services):
  • Schedules interviews
  • Screen, hire, engage, and manage vendors
  • Screening candidates and background checks
  • Payroll and Billing management
  • Directly discuss & hire
  • Financial inspection for rates, compliance, and insurance
  • Financial Stability

Are you making costly hiring mistakes?.

Then connect with our experienced recruiters to find the best talent matching your requirements. We connect with our networked healthcare recruiters and the nationwide database, including all the resources and technology to deliver you the best healthcare professionals.

Per DIEM & Registry Staffing

Patient care is first & foremost, but staff challenges can affect the same. Less availability of staff can hamper operations, but we are here to provide qualified dime nursing and allied health professionals to fill the gap.

Through DIEM, we address patients' concerns, a holistic patient-centered approach to wound care. We can help you get the right talent you need in your health care mission, which is value-added to every dime and registry staffing strategies.


This program is meant to have an important competitive advantage that saves thousands of our clients each year.

Value-Add Services

We believe in adding value to our clients and give prior importance in fulfilling their goals. Managing your healthcare workforce need is in good hands as we take full care from talent solutions to HR consulting.

Value-add solutions complement our standard services to increase your order-to-placement ratio:

  • Consulting and Technology
  • Vendor Management Systems (VMS)
  • Oversight and Compliance Management
  • Training & Development
  • Registry Pool Scheduling

Consulting Services

Effective utilization of financial, physical,and human resources leads to organizational success. The effectiveness of developing human resources is among the most vital issues for organizations.

The healthcare consulting practice can help,solve this issue by identifying the need for an accurate workforce and making better actionable plans, as our practice will examine the efficiency and solutions to improve productivity and increase employee engagement.

Our dedicated team works as an extension to grow our client's business by providing expert guidance, deploying proven strategies, and engaging management solutions.
Our solutions are not limited to:

  • Evaluating the whole recruitment process
  • Timely assessment of software solutions
  • Cost-benefit analysis regarding talent acquisition
  • Career/position profiling
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