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Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription (MT) is a manual process for voice recorded files dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals into text format.
Transcriptionists play a vital role for healthcare providers who voice-record their notes, they convert voice files into text or in digital format. Using electronic data have become essential to comply with Health IT and Electronic Health Record (HER) programs.Occasionally, voice streaming is used so that voice files can reach the MT section for immediate transcription.

Medical Transcription for Workers' Compensation and personal injury reports

More importantly having accuracy in workers compensation and personal injury transcription is something we work for. What our clients like the about us is that, accuracy and reliability are the keys to workers' compensation transcription. And that's the reason behind their trust in Meraki RCM Solutions Transcription Services – we ensure to provide effective services on time and work correctly done. You can always count on us for:

  • First injury reports,
  • Progress Reports (PR-2 or Narrative)
  • Insurance reports
  • Disability reports
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)
  • Accepted medical evaluation reports
  • Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation Reports
  • Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) reports
  • Maximum Medical Improvement (P&S Reports)
  • Timely record reviews and reports
  • Request for Authentication Reports
  • UR Appeals
  • Depositional creams
  • Witness and claimant statements

… Or any other transcription requirements.

Why Meraki RCM Solutions?

Faster processing, accurate reporting and maintaining full security

For workers' compensation claims, our trained and experienced transcriptionists are here to provide you fast, accurate and secure transcription services. Our transcriptionists normally work in legal and medical transcription. This is extremely important in order to maintain high level of accuracy and privacy, as we are already aware about the terms for both industries – we know how to create small differences at the arbitration table, in the courtroom, and wherever your documentation is required.

Before you return, we make sure all transcripts will be reviewed for typos and other errors. If you ever came across with a question about drug names, legal regulations, etc., then our transcription specialists are here to get it right, will take time to look for the reference or talk to our Quality Auditors. In case, there is still something unanswered or any doubt then it will be marked for client review.

We have simplified our processes so that our clients do not face any issue while working with us. For your convenience, we create a workflow that works best with your business - you can upload any type of audio file from PC or mobile device and download the transcripts you have completed from our secure servers. We are always focused on to provide you better services, layout on your letterhead or other document templates are some of the advanced services available with us.

If you ever face a problem or any question comes up, then no need to worry as one of our Quality Assurance Managers will be available to discuss and find a solution.

Transcription of safe and secure workers' compensation

Being a medical transcription company, our services are HIPAA compliant. To take care of client privacy and security, we use 128-bit encryption.For workers' compensation transcription clients, all the privacy and security measures set forth in the law are always followed by our transcriptionists.

EHR/EMR Transcription:

Different studies have shown that doctors spend 72% of their time in testing and updating records to sort prescriptions, instead of attending more patients. We specialize in EMR/EHR transcription. So there is no need to spend much on updating patient records when looking at patients, we can do it for your benefit, only record the important information on paper and send it to us as before, and we will transcribe the full report in your EMR/EHR and update it. And that's why it is very easy to work with us. We not only help you to save your time but the whole processing gets easier with us.

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