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Medical Coding

With changing trends in every industry, the healthcare industry also changes their way of performing operations by adopting new tools & technology. Today the healthcare industry expert believes that working on non-core activities will be an added advantage to your organization and Medical coding is one of them.

Medical Coding Services are beyond revenue cycle management, and focuses on sound billing. When you are billing for insurance claims, then medical coding standards must be followed by the trusted healthcare company. In medical coding services, for proper diagnosis and treatment the substantial database can only be managed by the certified coders.

Medical coding requires adequate attention as it is concerned with financial integrity of a health care company. While performing the operations, the margin of error is low because a simple mistake can cause vast differences. As deep amount of knowledge is required for health information management, so it becomes difficult for a beginner to perform these tasks. Practitioners must have relevant medical coding solutions to perform medical coding services with greater efficiency.

In present scenario, the major challenge faced by health care providers is to receive adequate amount of payment in respect of the medical services delivered. Growing number of self-pays patients, and complexity in governmental rules has led to repeated denials, income shortages and compliance issues. Managing the process without the professionals and physicians makes it more challenging to ensure proper documentation, maintaining healthy and profitable practice for the business. So, we need accurate and comprehensive medical coding services for successful healthcare practices.


Optimize your income and reduce compliance risks by outsourcing your medical coding services to Meraki RCM Solutions, LLC.

Connect with the experts of Anesthesiology, Cardiology, DME, Radiology, Orthopedic, Urology medical billing and coding for physicians who practice in significant volume hospital settings. Our highly experienced team along with proprietary workflow technology can improve your practice finance by reducing the time and cost invested for administrative work.

You can easily take the benefit of our medical coding services. We have designed a complete medical billing service package including the comprehensive coding services to offer you the best. And guess what's more exciting the coding services are also available as an independent service to billing companies. Our closed-loop process runs smoothly with your billing system ensuring integrity of the data. For healthcare practices, we provide you the right people who are experienced and certified medical coders.

Professionalism is in our system, so build a long-lasting relation and get rid of all your problems right from failing in claim submissions, temporary backlogs to staffing problems. Rely on Meraki RCM Solutions to make sound finance related decisions and get complete support for revenue management.


Meraki RCM Solutions advantage:

  1. Fast turnaround time, within 48 hours get back the coded files.
  2. Experienced and certified coders to work for your specialty.
  3. Tailoring to all your needs, with specific policies and protocols.
  4. Better workflow management and complete support to coding process at each and every step.
  5. Supports compliance and get real-time information.
  6. Accurate and timely documentation, preventing problems before they arise.
  7. A passion for delivering good customer service, education and adequate knowledge in respect of revenue cycle management.
Work with Meraki RCM Solutions as we are primarily focused on your healthcare providers, customized to your medical specialty and designed for revenue optimization.

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